Thursday, September 27, 2012


...the griddles and irons are fired up....the beeswax is melted....and my studio is a "buzz" with activity as I prepare for the
upcoming Stouffville Studio Tour (
I've photographed a few steps in the creation of
this beautiful flower painting....Enjoy!!!

1st...I fire up the griddle and melt the beeswax and prepare to apply a base
of smooth clear wax

2nd....put my drawing skills to the test and sketch my subject

3rd Step...the underpainting....a familar step in for most artists - knocking in the big shapes and main lights and darks - love this step!

Lots of scaping and fusing in between the many many layers of wax and TADAAAAA!!  The final product...with all the texture and luminousity that you would expect of this accient medium....ENCAUSTIC!

....stay tuned for more :)

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