Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Artful in Seattle - the Prequel

Arrived in Seattle on Tues Nov 13th...went straight to The Hotel Max - an uber cool hotel with art deco/moderist decor, featuring artwork by local artists. I was right down town...great shopping (got a new dress for my brother's wedding at Macy's), and yummy restaurants (had to workout daily!). Got a great deal on my room....did I mention it was tiny...and haunted!!

BIG THANKS to my sponser Valley Environmental Services Inc. - a lover of art!

Artful in Seattle - the Sequel

While studying in Seattle....I experimented with technique, material, colour, mark making, design & composition...and achieved very dynamic results!

Artful in Seattle

There are a lot of talented Encaustic Artists on the west I study with one artist in particular Kristin Swenson-Lintault of We had a tonne of fun...her home-based studio is amazing....and we covered about a weeks worth of technique, theory and business practices in two 2 field trips - 1 - shopping for art supplies (I got a tonne of stuff - YES!) and 2 - we visited an Artist collective and I met several artists at their studios.

Kristin & I working at her studio....

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Wishing Tree

Have a seat under the wishing tree
the seeds of life to sew.
The lines of love and laughter form
your dreams and spirit grow.

Take the time to watch the fruit
as it ripens in the sun
Take the time to pick it carefully
but only when it’s done.

When autumn winds begin to blow
and frost forms on the ground
Take your place once again
Release your limiting bounds

The leaves fall and renew the soil
the snow silently covers
The bare branches reaching up
Like the arms of a long lost lover.


PD Day.....Nicholas is home from studio has been taken over by four 13 year olds trying to complete a school project. Their tools of choice... styrofoam, glue guns, exacto knives, paint, popsicle sticks...need I say more. Today I'm baking pizzas and trying not to eat all their donuts!

Sorry'll have to wait...the Prince is in the house!