Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jennifer Ashley Children's Charity

...Love this's so worthwhile.  The average family receiving support from JACC have a combined income of $20,000.00...these are families with high medical expenses to care for a physically disabled and/or ailing child.  JACC is there when all other forms of subsidies, tax credits, assistance and support are exhausted.  Thank God for JACC!

This year's theme is I painted a beautiful scene from a vineyard that Nick and I stayed at on our trip to Sicily, Italy.

Spadafora Estates....a boutique winery....delicious wines on a romantic estate overlooking the vines.  The owner treated us to a private tour of the vines...and tasting that involved consuming 4 bottles of wine over dinner that he prepared for us personally....followed by a short stagger to the winery itself where we discussed the process, vats, filtering, barrelling, aging, etc.  He then selected 2 unlabelled bottles that we later learned were on their way to market.....which we joyfully consumed.  Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Italy.....there's not place like it.....what an incredible experience!! 

From time to time I've see their wines in the vintages section of the LCBO.....the perfect paring to a beautiful piece of art!