Thursday, December 11, 2014

You're Invited!!!

GHRE 10x10

Please join me for a private opening reception of my next exhibition:


 This is a group exhibit of 8 Encaustic artists

 I'll be featuring new works from my series GHRE and PASSAGES

Thursday January 15th, 2015, 6 - 8


900 Bay Street, MacDonald Block, Toronto

Jan 13 - Feb 6, 10 - 6

For more information Visit my website: www,

Passages of Time 36x36

Monday, November 10, 2014


"It's the influence of nature that's the focus of my ongoing series GHRE.  Time spent in nature is very important to me...I find it both meditative and spiritual...having a calming and rejuvenating effect.  Nature is entirely independent of us....the day to day concerns of life don't matter here.  My response to Nature is captured with luminous colours, glossy textures, abstracted views....channelling mother natures most subtle expression."

Five pieces from this series will be featured on the Pickering College Holiday Home Tour….House E.  

For more details about this event go to

I'll be in attendance on Friday Nov 21st from 5:30 to 9:30.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Gallery 1313
1313 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6K 1L8

June 11 - 22, 2014
Opening Reception:  Thursday June 12, 7 - 10
CanWAX East Chapter, International Encaustic Artists

Please join me at Gallery 1313 on June 21st from 1-6.  


Dania Al Obaidi, Mary Ambrose,  Anastessia Bettas, Karen Chisvin, Maggie Doswell, Wendy LaValle, Linda Virio and Melissa Tseng

This exhibition brings together 8 encaustic artists whose works focus on and express their ideas about SELECTIVE PERCEPTION.  In 1954 Princeton and Dartmouth researchers found that in general people favour official opinions (scientists, politicians, experts) whose conclusions matched their own values….the facts were irrelevant. This behaviour is known as SELECTIVE PERCEPTION. Explained another way it is when otherwise rational people distort facts by putting them through a personal or social lens. People in communications work identify this behaviour as a key barrier in communication about scientific or political  issues in society such as climate change, foods supply, nuclear power, disposal of waste, emergency response.

Introducing Dania Al Obaidi, Mary Ambrose,  Anastessia Bettas, Karen Chisvin, Maggie Doswell, Wendy LaValle, Linda Virio and Melissa Tseng....8 Encaustic artists and members of CanWAX East....the newly formed Eastern Canada Chapter of IEA.  International Encaustic Artists (IEA) is a non-profit, professional artists’ organization founded in 2005. IEA remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for encaustic art in the world.

Encaustic Art:  These 8 artists use the ancient art technique called Encaustic which was first used in Egypt from 100 - 300AD.  This is the process of mixing melted beeswax with resins and pigments, then applying the coloured wax to the canvas, paper or board.  With further heating, scraping and brushwork the desired painting is achieved.  These 8 artists challenge traditional properties of wax to create contemporary works for this contemporary issue...SELECTIVE PERCEPTION.