Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sooooo Exciiiiiiiiiiiited!!!!!

I'm so work was juried today and accepted into a fabulous show called Breaking exhibit architected by The Markham Group of Artist....and running from March 14 Art Square Gallery in Toronto!

OOOh-la-la....there are some talented artist in this group...Uptown is coming Downtown...and you won't be disappointed!!!!

My work that's in the show........

The works were juried by Denis Cliff....a well know Canadian Abstract Artist and Professor of Art at the Toronto School of Arts, Flemming College and currently Haliburton School of Arts. Denis took 2 hours to jury the show...and then another 2 hours to provide specific and indepth feedback on all rejected and selected works of art.

For mine....his comments were...."these landscapes are very different.....what they have is an emotional content....a feeling about a place - the colour and everything about it is dissolving, it's all very mysterious and airy - you just want to go to these an Eden...a place where you want to spend all your time." - Denis Cliffe

Although I didn't spend a single second with the man....he nailed the objective of my work in an instant....and selected it for the show......I'M SOOOOOOOOOO EXCIIIIIIIIIIIIITED!!!!

For more details about the show Breaking Boundaries, go to:

Preview the show here:

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